Other Events

❉.    The Gandoulès Fete

Every year at the end of the August, the arrival of the Gandoulès Fete means that the summer’s entertainments are drawing to an end for the commune and for the hamlet itself.

The holidays are almost over, so let’s party!


On Saturday evening a traditional Paella brings together many guests and people from all over

the commune in a festive atmosphere, where the music makes you want to dance all through the night!


On Sunday morning, Mass at St. Peter’s church, Gandoulès invites the faithful to take time

to give thanks for everything that has happened and is experienced in this little corner of Quercy.


❉.     GRANDS petits-déjeuners or The Big Breakfasts

Organised by the association “La Fournado”, the ‘Big Breakfast’ takes place every first Sunday of

the month at 9.00 am in the winter and 8.30 am in the summer.


Bread for the breakfast is baked in the wood-fired oven or Fournado, starting at 6.00 am.

All those wishing to attend are invited to bring a contribution: pate, jam, cake,

or red wine - whatever you might wish to share.


We will be happy to welcome you to take part in this special event - Don’t hesitate to join us!


 ❉.    The small vineyard "Juste au dessus du Paradis"

The members of “La Fournado” also maintain the small vineyard located “Just above Paradise”.


The three main activities are:

- Pruning the grape vines in March

- The grape harvest in September or October, depending on how fast the grapes mature

- Sampling the new wine, accompanied by roast chestnuts, in mid-November


Both the pruning and harvest end with hearty meals made by volunteers and baked in the Fournado

or wood-fired oven (cassoulet, tarts …..)


This is a wonderful opportunity to experience and enjoy traditional French customs.


❉.    Spring and autumn meals

The volunteers of “Les Amis de Gandoulès” and “La Fournado” are not on diets!


The spring (May) and autumnal (November) meals for volunteers and friends are proof!

They are amongst of the highlights of the many events staged at Gandoulès during the year.