Gandoulès is home to two associations:


❉.    « Les Amis de Gandoulès »

Founded in 2001, the association was born of the desire to ‘bring life’

to the hamlet and create a place where people from the locality could get together and bring happiness to one another.

The first events at Gandoulès were called the ‘Celebrations of Joy’.



Today the association runs three major events:

     - The Son et Lumière "Marie des Brebis..." which takes place every year around mid-August.

     - The Gandoulès Fete in late August, with its delicious paella.

     - The Living Nativity around Christmas time.


"Les Amis de Gandoulès" that today have over 200 members and volunteers, give their time

and energy to organise these events.




❉.   « La Fournado »

Created in 2012 with the wish to preserve and bring to life the architectural

and local heritage, the association is based around the renovated

wood-fired oven, which has been at the heart of the hamlet for many years.



Every Sunday the oven is fired up to receive bread, pizzas, cakes and other dishes made on site

or brought by members of the association. Whilst the bread is cooking, we set the world

to rights over a coffee…


The first Sunday of the month brings the “Grand petit-déjeuner” or “Big Breakfast” at 9 am where everyone brings some jam, pate, red wine… to share with friends. Some come with poems or songs.


The members of the association also maintain the hamlet’s small vineyard located 

“juste au dessus du Paradis” (“just above Paradise”).

This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy local customs.



The three main activities are:

     - Pruning the vines in March. 

     - The grape harvest in September/October depending on the maturity of the grapes.

     - A chestnut and new wine evening in mid-November.