❉.    Bell Restoration


Gandoulès’ small church dedicated to St Peter, a jewel of Romanesque (XII century) architecture and witness to much of the history of Quercy Blanc, contains a rare heritage treasure

in Midi-Pyrenees, a bell from the XV century which is still in working order.


A survey of the bell installation carried out in 2014 highlighted various problems and stated

that the mechanical equipment presented a significant danger. As a result, the bell cannot be rung until major repairs have been carried out.


The association ‘Les Amis de Gandoulès’ with the support of the municipality of Montpezat

de Quercy, being concerned about the conservation of local heritage, have launched an appeal to raise funds to repair the bell.


We appeal to all of you, visitors, friends of the commune, lovers of heritage, business leaders

to make a donation, no matter how small. Each donation will be a step towards preserving

the legacy we leave to future generations. All donors will be kept informed of the progress

of the Restoration Project.



Les Amis de Gandoulès is a non-profit organisation, with recognised general interests permitting

the association to reclaim tax deductions on donations:

60% for a company, 66% for an individual.


In the latter case, a donation of 100€ only costs 34€ to the donor!




And many individuals...

Thank you!